Getting to New Orleans
By Air:

No matter where you're flying from, you want to fly into Louis Armstrong National Airport.  It's a small airport (at least when compared to O'Hare) so you may want to book your flights early. Keep in mind that if you're flying in, you won't need a rental car if you're staying in the French Quarter.

The major airlines flying into New Orleans:

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By Train:

Depending on where you're coming from, taking the Amtrak may be more affordable than flying.  Last we checked 1 round trip ticket from Chicago to New Orleans cost about $200 per person.  Unfortunately, it's also the most time consuming - when coming from Chicago it will take about 19 hours or more.  If time is no object this is a great way to go.  Don't forget the bar car!

By Car:

Matt's favorite way to travel, we've driven to New Orleans countless times.  Driving from Chicago, it's basically just a straight shot down I-57 to I-55 which takes about 12-14 hours (you were going to spend that long waiting at the airport anyway!).  For those with two or more drivers, making the trek straight through isn't a problem and makes for a fun road trip. Depending on your gas mileage, you're looking around $250 - $400 round trip from Chicago for as many people as you can cram into your car (you will probably need to pay for parking once you get down there though). It can wipe you out, so if you choose this method be sure to arrive no later than Thursday night, so you get a chance to recoup before our big day. 

By Sea (Jen and Nick, this is for you):

  1. Jen, yell at Nick to get in the car already.
  2. Head west on Manatee Ave W toward Virginia Dr for 6.2 miles.  
  3. Pull into Ultimate Power Sports and rent a row boat.  Be sure to pick one that you like.  You'll be in it for a while. 
  4. Find a dock and launch.
  5. Start rowing.
  6. Nick, make a smart remark about Jen's lack of arm strength.
  7. Keep rowing approximately 500 miles until you arrive in New Orleans.
  8. Cost: priceless.
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