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On our last trip down to New Orleans, we stumbled (literally) across a group of World War II veterans having a reunion in the French Quarter. While sitting down to dinner, one of them triumphantly exclaimed, "We didn't come here to get drunk, we came here to stay drunk!" What an appropriate adage.

We couldn't not have this section, could we?  We've listed a few must-have's below.  By the way, did you know New Orleans is one of the few cities that allows you to walk the streets with open liquor?  Take advantage of it.

Pat O'Brien's Hurricane

Of all the drinks in New Orleans, we think this is the most famous.  Personally, we're not really sure why, but it sure is strong (as are all the drinks in New Orleans).  

If you're going to have one, pay the few extra dollars for the huge souvenier glass.  It's worth it.  The coolest thing about getting a souvenir sized hurricane: they have men standing at all the exits with the sole purpose of cleaning and gift wrapping your glass before you leave (you can have open liquor on the streets but not glass).


I don't recommend this drink.  It's awful stuff.  A friend from work (you know who you are) asked me to have a sazarac for her.  One trip I got one at Jean Lafitte's, I paid near $10 for it, I took one sip, I almost gagged.  I didn't even have the heart to give it to a homeless person so it went in a Jackson Square waste basket.  My extreme dislike for the classic New Orleans concoction may have something to do with the fact that I hate the taste of licorice...but I doubt it. This drink could only be worse if it were made by Bobby Flay.

Hand Grenade
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If you only get one drink when you're in New Orleans it should be a hand grenade.  Dubbed as the most powerful drink in New Orleans, it is the one famous drink that doesn't taste like liquor in the slightest.  This great tasting melon flavored drink is sold in exclusive hand grenade shaped souvenir cups on the rocks or frozen. If you're adventurous, get a hand grenade (or several) at the start of your evening.  If you're not pick one up on your way home to the hotel.  Either way, it'll be worth the experience. 

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