Dining In New Orleans

About the Restaurants
There are a ton of great restaurants in New Orleans.  Unfortunately, we haven't had a chance to eat at them all, but we've listed a few good places below.

Cafe du Monde
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Not only is this a must visit New Orleans landmark, it is the cheapest meal you'll find in the French Quarter.  Last we checked, you can get 3 hot beignets loaded with powdered sugar and a cafe au lait (half coffee, half milk) for less than $5.  If you don't like coffee, they have milk.  If you don't like milk, too bad, it's all they serve.

Emeril's New Orleans
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It's definitely expensive but it is the best meal we've ever had.  (FYI: Emeril kicks Bobby Flay's ass!). 

We're both huge Emeril fans.  Come on, he's all about booze, garlic, and spicy things,  But if Emeril doesn't do it for you, there are a ton of fine dining opportunities in town that we've heard are just as spectacular.  Antoine's, Arnauds, Court of Two Sisters, Commander's Palace (where Emeril studied), K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen, and Ralph's on the Park are all supposed to be great...all expensive and many with dress codes...but great.

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A more affordable Emeril's meal.  The great thing about NOLA (other than the smaller price tag and lack of dress code) is it's right across the street from the Omni...and their wait staff is constantly serving hot rolls throughout the meal.  Jalepeno corn bread.  Yum.

Cafe Pontalba

Located at 546 St. Peter, Cafe Pontalba offers a wonderful view of the St. Louis Cathedral and of Jackson Square. Ideal for a casual lunch while wandering through the Quarter, their menu consists of several classic New Orleans dishes as well as sandwiches, burgers, ribs, etc.

Mike Serio's Po-Boys & Deli

Located at 133 St. Charles Avenue, Serio's supposedly has the best muffuletta's in New Orleans.  The two brothers that run the deli were just featured on Food Network's Throwdown with Bobby Flay.  (FYI: The Serio Brothers kicked Bobby Flay's ass!)  They also serve breakfast (which is surprisingly hard to find).  We haven't been there yet but we plan to. 

Red Fish Grill
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We had a pretty good meal at Red Fish when we went down to New Orleans for St. Patrick's Day in 2006.  BTW, they make a mean hurricane.  You'll probably only find a stronger one at Pat O'Briens. 

Crescent City Brewhouse

We've been here three or four times and the food is good every time.  They have a ton of different beers to choose from on the menu and often have live jazz bands at night.  If ever you're tempted to go to a chain restaurant, go here instead.  The price tags are the same...Bobby Flay sucks!

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